The perfect Late Night Spot

= M I K K E Y ' S =


While playing around in the busy kitchens of Litehouse Whole Food Grill, myself, my brother Mikkey and some of the other chefs would create some of the best all natural sauces, burger and wing concepts known to man. So one day I rushed home to my wife and said “I’m doing burger week at Litehouse!” If you know her from the Litehouse story, you know she hit the ceilingThen I suggested doing “Wing Week” at the Litehouse, and I got the same response. Then one hot summer day, I said, “Man we should sale Malts and Shakes!” She literally almost had a heart attack. So to keep my wife alive, we’ve open our “brother” store, MIKKEY’S retro Grill, filled with everything you need for a successful cheat day. All natural burgers, stuffed and non, hand‐cut fries and onion rings. We stole some of Litehouse’s famous sauces like the All‐American, the Dirty Mustard, our Buffalo, our All Natural Jerk and created our versions of Lemon Pepper, Chipotle and more for our Amazing Wings. We mixed that with Grandma styled Floats, Shakes, Malts, Funnel Cakes and more. Of course we have Gluten free, Vegan and Vegetarian options for just about everything, so everyone is welcome. At MIKKEY’S we also open early and stay open until 4am most nights. Of course we stick by our same principles that has allowed us to server over 100k people per year, keeping it all natural with Organic options, feeding housing and hiring the homeless, and honoring the Lord’s Sabbath and Feast Day’s. MIKKEY’S retro Grill, birthed from Love, made to Love. Come in, you’ll be happy here...