Why we honor the LORD’S SABBATH?


In the time of what if’s and thirst for capital gain, Y.D.Y.R. Restaurant Brands‐

LITEHOUSE WHOLE FOOD GRILL/MIKKEY’S RETRO GRILL/ARNOLD’S JERK/BBQ & SUGAR SHACK, decided to close their doors in honor of the Lord’s Sabbath Day, which biblically starts Friday at Sundown and ends Saturday at Sundown. “As a Christian, I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and living according to those words have become my ultimate mission upon this earth. Christ, Paul, and all of Christ’s disciples kept this same Sabbath Day Holy while Christ was here and after He had risen. It’s important to me and my family to follow after their example.” Even though Erik Nance’s businesses are known for being closed during this time, they actually open up just to help advance their respective communities, for free! “Certain days, we open just to feed the homeless only. Some days, you may see a baby shower or a wedding. Friday Nights you may see over 100 young kids, expressing themselves through poetry, talking about the bible, learning how to shoot a film, or the proper steps of establishing and fixing credit. Bible studies, Dance classes, Photography classes, all happen at our establishments at 0 cost to the entire community.” Currently they’ve housed over 10k people in their establishments for completely free. “We’ve fed over 23,000 homeless and less fortunate people for free. People said, “You can’t be a restaurant and close on the Friday Nights and Saturday’s during the day time!” “You can not give free food to people!” Mr. Nance explains, “According to this world, they were right, but I’m not of this world; I’m a Christian.”

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